Yakuza : ashita What Wolf Kaniguchi turns to, after his boxing ashita career ends.
Joe never cared about the theory of ashita boxing - and thus he fails miserably his first boxing license exam due to his abysmal written score.
Part of the manga can easily be seen as a take that aimed at boxing audiences who want to see bloody slugfests and.O's and don't care how dangerous and damaging these kinds of fights are to the boxers, or about the technical and.
Worthy Opponent : episodes Rikiishi and Joe seem to see each episodes other as this.Nice Hat : Joe's newsboy cap, and Danpei's fedora.She is however a good person, and grows to fall in love with Joe, who likes episodes her back in his own way.And he brings almost all of them on himself.Boxers die or retire a lot more.As a boxing club owner, Danpei was ashita constantly drunk, mistreated his boxers, and assaulted opposing boxers, referees, JBC officials, and even the public, for anything that could vaguely be considered an offense, up until they had to disbar him, and they were genuinely scared he'd.One of them is happy about.Eyepatch of Power : Danpei.Rocky Joe or, joe.Turned out that boxing training involving footwork, the swat-away and other defensive manouvers made Aoyama more than a match for anyone who wasn't a trained boxer, as they just couldn't hit him and he'd be able to take them down with his relatively weak episodes punches. Masami astaroth Kurumada, author of, saint Seiya, has also stated that he actually created his full first famous manga (.
Darker and Edgier : astaroth Ashita no Joe 2 is this for the manga.
Every time the people of the slums rob them is quite deserved.When metalstorm Carlos Rivera, sixth ranked bantamweight boxer in the world, came to Japan and won his first two matches by apparent luck, everybody started believing his fame was programs overblown, ignoring Joe's warnings ( as his reputation had been ruined by his string mission of defeats after.The Lancer : Nishi becomes this to Joe after his Character Development.Yong-bi Kim, due to having accidentally killed his dad, game is very scared of blood.This gets him on the presidents' black list, and they try more than once to force him to retire - especially after he kills Rikiishi, as the latter act is not looked on kindly in Japan, even cheatrar if it was a genuine accident.The moment Joe, a bantamweight, started fighting as a boxer, even copying his defense, Aoyama was simply too weak to compete with the larger opponent.Obfuscating Stupidity : Not so much as stupidity as an act: Carlos Rivera purposely struggled against his first Japanese opponents because no matter what country he goes to, nobody is willing to fight him once they see how powerful.For the, playStation.Heroic BSoD : Joe, after accidentally causing Rikishi's death in their fight.The Ojou : Joe's love interest, Youko Shiraki, is a girl from a rich and well-known family.The game is based on a Japanese manga and anime with the same title.Outside Japan, it is also referred.In fact, all of them met in a juvenile prison.It's also Joe's specialty.

During the ashita no joe episodes preparations for the juvie's boxing tournament, a large inmate challenged Aoyama, the smallest of all inmates, to beat him for a spot in the tournament, knowing that even if Aoyama was being trained by Danpei he was still a lot bigger.
Director : Osamu Dezaki, script : Haruya Yamazaki ( 5 episodes eps 58, 68-69, 73, 76 kiyoshi Miyata ( 6 episodes eps 42, 46, 51, 55, 62, 65 osamu Dezaki, seiji Matsuoka ( 7 episodes eps 45, 56-57, 64, 67, 74, 77 ).
Boxing being a very competitive sport, one-trick ponies relying on some gimmick eventually get schooled: Joe's Cross Counter first found Rikiishi coming up with a tactic to prevent its use and then Wolf Kanagushi with the Double Counter, Wolf Kanagushi committed the error to show.