atomix virtual dj pro 7.0.5

Based on virtual that, we focus on atomix bringing out technological tools that help the DJs focus on the artistic part of their skills, and relegate the technical side to the machine.
It is incontestably the most used DJ software on the planet, by far.
BeatLock engine for keeping songs in-sync and in-time.Mr Clavel is still today the owner of the company, and still actively writes code for VirtualDJ, switching hats between mad coder and successful businessman, and liking both with the same passion virtual (and success).Atomix Productions' philosophy atomix has always been to use ground-breaking technology to help bring DJing to the masses by reducing the costs and accessibility, and to use this technology to help DJs mix better.Basic virtual features : up to 99 virtual independent zero-latency players virtual with: Standard controls (play, pause, stop, cue).And it has been endorsed in marketing operations by super stars like Carl Cox or Tiesto. Mr Roelants also used to code DJ software for many years, and walking prior to joining Atomix Productions was the review owner and creator of the DJ software "DJDecks".
Atomix Productions America Inc.
2221 Ne 164th St Ste 1253, Miami FL 33160.
Independant key control, resonant filter, one-click beat matching and synchronization (fame algorithm).Mr Clavel is assisted by Mr Gwen english Roelants, Atomix' lead developer.Nobody likes to see that a young kid who started to mix a few months ago can outperform your years of experience.Tel: english (international: for technical support, please go here).Pitch control with Master Tempo (from -100 to 100) 3 band equalizer High, Mid, and Low with Kill and /-30db gain.Today, Atomix Productions has offices all over the world, from United States to Ukraine to China, and employees and freelancers in more than 12 different countries.What you play gratis and how you play it, does.With advanced technology that was new and ground-breaking at the time, such as anime automatic beatmatching, roubada seamless loops, etc, VirtualDJ helped the earlier generation of Digital english DJs to mix faster and better, and ushered in the new era of Digital DJing, which finally became the de-facto.Established since 1996, Atomix Productions started as a French startup, and helped create and then grow the then-niche market of Digital DJing.Nobody likes to be told that what you spent years of your life learning, is becoming obsolete.