bigg boss finale episode

Puneesh says I learned patience here.
Prince says there is no commoner or celebrity there, Puneesh reached till finale because he finale made friends, Arjun Bijlani says he likes Hina, she is daring, Rohan says she is real, one actor says she is daring and finale performs with efforts.
Contestants sing kadite hans bolwe.Salman asks what they feel?Salman connects call to boss house, he says you people are drinking Appy fizz.Hina says I think Shilpa will win, Shilpa says I dont know why she feels episode that, I feel good here.Akshay and Salman both finale dances with her.There are three ways you can watch Bigg Boss Season 12 finale at your own comfort.In house, Bigg boss says to Hina and Shilpa that you both entertained people on TV for years, you completed journey in Bigg boss and stand her as top boss 2, Shilpa and Hina had difficult journey, you left your characters behind and won hearts again.Salman says lets see a performance of Priyank, finale Luv and Hina.Salman says now Shilpa will sing, Shilpa laughs and says I am thankful that they made me be here even after singing bigg so bad, Vikas says you sing lohri very nicely, you used to sing in my ears. Salman says Vikas people in industry knew you but now episode everyone knows who Gupta Ji is, all laugh.
Salman asks Hina what must be inside bigg it?
Salman says your trophy is sitting there, he points at Bandagi, all laugh.
Salman says to Hina that I cant say better luck next time proxy but Marathi Bigg boss is starting so Shilpa might join that, Shilpa says never.She says Vikas has become sensible more, Salman says Shilpa you planned to make him run?Salman talks to the judges of Rising star, they say we will change thinking.Akshay presses boss Hinas buzzer but her statue doesnt burst.(Updaters note: Hello guys, somehow I feel like I become a part of the seasons I watch and write so closely, like I go through the emotions with the inmates, enjoy the highs and lows.Bigg boss says audience all emotions season, laughter, cries, smiles, friendships, relationships, all colors of life, you four inmates have completed your journey, destination is infront of you, we just have to see who will reach there, its not time to look behind, its past.All you have to do is download Jio TV app on your phone.Vikas and Hitens picture is shown, Salman says enemies Vikas and Shilpa, Umrao Jaan Arshi, meine Pyaar Kiya Bandagi and Puneesh and bodyguard.Salman boss asks what her hairstyle is?However, if you have weekend plans or are out on a vacation, heres how you catch the finale episode live.Aakash wears pink boxers on top of his white coat pant.Confetti falls over boss Shilpa.Just Hina is her competition, they dont finale matter at all.Hina says press mine.Salman says Hina look at your mother, Hina says she is looking.