The, blackmagic Production production Camera 4K production is very different to our other cameras, but production I personally think its blackmagic quite filmy in its look, even though its not really a digital film camera but more of a general production camera.
I tend to disagree on that front.Shot at 400 ASA with a Canon 28mm.8 lens.6, at 7:30am on Graded with an design Ilford Delta 400 film LUT from FilmConvert.However even at 12 stops dynamic range, the 4K raw out of the Blackmagic Production Camera is stunning when used properly and in capable hands.Dynamic range took a hit about a stop below the 13 stops DR of the original bmcc.Blackmagic Production Camera.Some of the shots have different shutter angles and I used standard still camera lenses.The 4K footage looks really crisp and nice, however it is obvious that this sensor isnt made for low light at all which is kind of surprising as I was expecting better low light performance than blackmagic from the original.Zip, its a big file at just design under 10 production GB so it will take a little while to download, but these 4K files are big.ProRes 422 Codecs (HQ, 422, LT, Proxy).Compressed CinemaDNG RAW (4000x2160 the, blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K features a Super 35mm sized image sensor with a global shutter and a Canon EF lens mount. Female Leader Engineer from.
Key Features 4K Super 35mm Sensor with Global kaizo Shutter.
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema patch Camera 4K, proRes 422 HQ, iSO 2500.
I spent a few weeks wandering around with the links camera taking some different types of shots.Download patch the original footage by clicking here!The, blackmagic Production Camera (bmpc) was the first camera from, blackmagic Design to shoot.The kaizo camera shares the body of its.5K bmcc predecessor, however ups the specs with a 4K Super 35mm sensor and a global shutter.There are o ther cameras with insane ISO levels, but they become incredibly grainy which patch means a lot of work styler in post.

I tended to stay around ISO 2500 but you can go as high as 25,600.
Check out the still frames from the footage here and at blackmagic design production camera 4k footage the bottom of this post (not in 4K tough update: Our friend James Miller from UK has graded some of Grant Pettys footage and uploaded it to YouTube in up.
Laowas new 24mm F/14 2x Macro Probe lens.