(Corel Ventura 10 is a desktop publishing application that lets you update combine text, pictures, tables, databases, and ventura other elements into high-quality, professional corel publications.
Naturally, within VP, if I access Options, I get the four cfg prompts, and I get them again when I click OK in the Options palette.
That got cleaned up immediately, and our net op set my computer to run in safe mode.There's one for each of corel the four *.cfg files in the workspace folder.With Corel Ventura, you can create one document and publish it to paper, update electronic media, and the Web.) ventura «Corel ventura.Cursor Movement CtrlG Go to Page Left Arrow/Right Arrow Move one Character Home/End Move Cursot ro Beginning/End of Line CtrlLeft Arrow/CtrlRigh Arrow One Word Left/Right CtrlUp Arrow/CtrlDown Arrow One Paragraph Up/Down AltHome Beggining of Chapter AltEnd End of Chapter PgDn Down One Screen PgUp.Zoom update in/Zoom out Font.Since I started running safe mode, I've been unable to write to the workspace files in Ventura. Text Formatting, ctrlB, bold.
After about 2 weeks in safe mode, I returned to normal access.
The workspace *.ini files update without issue.
The net op has been through the windvd registry twice, including cleaning out every key he could find before the windvd reinstall.Left Align, ctrlR, right align, ctrlJ, justify.Node Editing CtrlAltA Add Node update CtrlAltD Delete Node ShiftClick Select Multiple Nodes Home Select Start Node of Curve End Select End Node of Curve Arrow windvd Keys Nudge Selected Note in Arrow Direction.Corel Ventura 10 Gold Master (RU/Patch).Special Characters CtrlAltC CopyRight CtrlShiftH Discretionary Hyphen Shift" Double Opening" AltShift_ Em Dash CtrlShiftM Em Space windvd CtrlShiftN En Space Alt- En Dash CtrlAltF Figure Space ShiftEnter Line Break CtrlSpacebar NonBreaking Space CtrlEnter Insert Page Break CtrlAltR Registered ' Single Opening" Alt' Single Closing.Have you experienced similar problems?Dear NHBlue and Farny, I took your advice and copied windvd the mfc42.dll file into the program folder, and voila, Ventura 10 runs under Windows 7 64-bit.The next day, while serial we were trying to straighten out that mess, I hit a website that downloaded a virus, which bare caused Win XP to blue screen within minutes.CtrlY, redo, ctrlAltY, repeat, ctrl, kern Looser, ctrl, kern Tighter, ctrlShift/CtrlShift, decrease/Increase Interline Spacing, ctrlShift/CtrlShift.Neither has a reinstall.I thought returning to normal access would straighten that out, but it hasn't.

Corel DataBase Publisher, corel Capture, corel Script Editor, novell Enjoy Reader.
Every time corel ventura 10 update I close V10, I have to hit OK on half a dozen prompts.