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F5 - type any text and it will try to execute.
Alternately, if you're really into screensavers you could shell out for UltraMon to enable custom screensavers on each monitor.TIA, Doug G Guest Guest Jun 2, 2005 Archived from groups: stomize ( More info?It adds second taskbar to the extended desktop on Monitor.Extend Your Taskbar extend (Windows 8 Only).You can't display documents in single application side by side on different monitors because you are still limited within the main application window: Taskbar PRO has simple buttons to resize the main window across two or windows extend even three monitors and you can extend then simply move.Very carefully written, we don't want monitors to crash our own desktop!Better handling moving windows across screens with different resolutions.I personally, having had dual monitors for over a year now, like having my taskbar on only one monitor, but sometimes I switch. I moved from w2k pro to converter wXP pro and now the taskbar won't extend across suzuki both monitors like it did.
You can install a dozen odd programs, some free and some not, that add in little tweaks incrementallya taskbar extension here, a move-window button there, etc.If you converter have more than one machine hooked up converter to your monitor bank, you really need to give pedagogique Synergy a test run.If you move the application across monitors the application will automatically move the icon across the same time.Multi-monitor screensavers : Play one on taxi each or span one across both monitors.(Though you can also converter fix the "cursor drift" converter problem by tweaking one setting here).