I finally returned to the series with this latest iteration - it's an improvement, although still a massive disappointment.
5 system of penalties and flags only became crack even worse.Graphically it is only not an upgrade since 2011 (no surprise there since it launched for the potatos as well).The crack AI is just woeful, not an ounce of realism.But the most noticeable change is the control of the cars.Features: Formula One returns only to the USA in 2012 at the all new Circuit of the Americas, crack located in Austin, Texas, and players can drive on only the circuit ahead of the track?But the most noticeable change iswell there is not much to improve in this game as the previous versions were already pretty much perfect.Looks just as good, but with better wheel support and better driving characteristics.FLT with the release of F1, one of the best racing game series.Expand, it's Kate Upton: The Videogame - the visuals are stunning, but it's about as deep crack as it's perfectly rendered puddles.Also new addition is the DRS detection zone. F1 2010 was an unmitigated mess, so bugged hack that it soured my whole experience.
S debut in only November.
They are food far more better than the previous games.Have fun racing and getting on the top, enjoy!Best F1 game from Codemasters yet!Its the day for Games, we have them raining today.Expand well there is not much crack to improve in this game as the previous versions were already pretty much perfect.Experience the next generation in weather system technology where storm only fronts move across the circuits, soaking specific areas of the track, exoddus as well as racing around the all-new Circuit of The Americas only in Austin, Texas, home of the 2012 formula 1 united states grand prix.