game digimon digital card battle for pc

As the player progress through the game, he/she will be able to select two more partners.
Only 118 digimon Digi-Parts can be earned by leveling.All Button Attack Win 3 You game only used button attacks.The last opponent in the game is battle BlackWarGreymon who only appears after the player has beaten BlackMetalGarurumon and have 300 wins.However, these cards have little card to negative effects.List of Cards Main article: Cards Promotional Card External links.(You only need to digivolve your Partner to Level C game without using Digivolve Option Cards.Digimon Digital Card Battle (, Dejimonwaarudo Dejitarukaadoariina?, lit.One is given by Cody in Igloo City after defeating the Battle Arena digital ( Patamon or Gatomon ) and the second is given by Ken in Steep Road (Any partner, including Wormmon ).There battle are a total of 128 Digi-Parts in the game. The Armors available are: The first Digi-Egg of his product first partner is given heroes by Davis after defeating the Battle Arena of Flame City, and its second is given by Wormmon after defeating the Digimon Emperor in Dark City.
Patamon, Hawkmon, Gatomon, Pegasusmon, Halsemon, heroes and Nefertimon belong to this group.
(Example: 1110) Mega HP 7 Your HP contained 3 of the same number.
Lucky Name Name your deck serial a specific name, in example ( Tanuki Kouji ) (Japanese Version Exclusive).Card collection and Digi-Parts collection do not affect the game completion, space which means even if one gets 100 cards and Digi-Parts, the game completion may not end guide with 100.All Gone Win 2 You won with no Cards left in your Hand or space Online Deck.Both players had no Cards left in their Hands or Online Decks.The Digimon partners Wormmon, Raidramon, and Shadramon belong to this group.

Digi-Parts As the players partner(s) go up in ranks, he/she gains Digi-Parts.
Tylomon, Quetzalmon, and, submarimon.
Option Maniac Win 5 You won using a Deck with game digimon digital card battle for pc more than 25 Option Cards.