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b little /i kage-bunshin 291, so you know the fighter cheat code?
Little Big little Planet, download, bring fighter the little fantastic world of Little Big Planet to your PC with this exceptional wallpaper.
Each character begins the game with health Points, which can be won or lost depending on the outcome of the fight.Kaitsu-Gohan 847, just type t and you unlock all characters.Lilpaladin 55 i do i played it for about 2 years :lol: Shadow-man 104 i do and have naruto you seen the naruto mod naruto thats been made for it the betas awesom cant wait for it to get done rpgcode:405Shadow-Man You!HA, i will be the greatest ninja ever known!Little Fighter II is fun and free.Kage-bunshin 291 sooooooooo Short alox02 86 its cool but i got viruses from it so im kinda pissed off about that :lol: Blitz18 110, that game rocks! Then when you unlock every body awesome!
Show full history rpgcode:3015Blitz Itachi /03/90NoneTo become a alite "Pain is nothing but a weakiness leaving the body".
Apart from the technical aspect, the game has the type of graphics and sound you're looking for (3D fighter support recommended and is joystick compatible, has on-line gaming and multi-player options.
Little Cowboy.0, download.Review, download, little Fighter II is a fight game between teenage street gangs.Little Fighter II is a popular free fight game for Windows, featuring fights between rival teenage street gangs.Each of the characters is controlled using your fighter PC's keyboard, or a joystick if you have one, and you can configure which keys you use for which actions.Fights take place with hands, feet and weapons, using skills and special techniques.8 9 10 naruto mustafa fighter action tema naruto sasuke naruto icon pack naruto shinobi wars ninja.b i Everything that has a begining has a End!Naruto Mugen.23, download, fight game in which Naruto, the celebrated ninja student, confronts numerous rivals.Last edited by, blitz18 on 5:01 AM - Sep 03, 2006, edited 1 time in total.You just type it anywhere :P.There are various objects that will appear on-screen like bottles of milk or beer (that can help restore your Health little or Mana points) or new weapons like knives, baseball bats, etc.UzumakiNaruto 22, kaitsu-Gohan wrote: Just type t and you unlock all characters.