But there is no way to set options, and the switches exit status is meaningless.
Warning : Be careful what characters you use in these file names, because InstallShield silently strips certain non-alphanumerics (like hyphens).
To pique your inspiration you should have a switches closer look on some of uninstall our application installation scripts in the silent SVN repository: And silent do not forget our Wiki, which is a very good source of additional install scripts.
An InstallShield Silent setup runs on its own, without any end-user intervention.They also support the /r:n switch to suppress the reboot.To perform an unattended installation using a Basic uninstall MSI installer, you provide the /s /v"." switches, where.The /r and /s switches only silent work if the release engineer is competent.These installers first extract some stuff to a temporary folder and then run a command from inside that folder. There startup are several systems which vendors use to surfoffline create installers for their applications.
Exe, you would first perform one installation by hand to create the digital answer file: foo.Note : card This product has been rebranded the "Wise Installation System".Exe -x -s -l0x9 -ARP -f1"C:s".This file is saved in the same location as the recorded.iss file.You should make sure that your script contains a adlib section to catch surprising reboot requests.In my experience, the odds are about 1 in 4 that /?Sometimes this will program be obvious from the installer's splash screen; sometimes you can figure it out by running strings ; and sometimes you will have to guess.This makes it useless for scripting purposes.Once again, there must users be no space between the switch and the file name.4 Not enough memory available.The /f1filename metalstorm switch allows you to specify card a fully-qualified alternate name for the s file.Unfortunately, Microsoft invented it too late.Specifying just /c suppresses running the command at all, so you can use /c /t:path to extract the hotfix just to look.

Here, is an html version.
Setup is preparing installshield switches uninstall silent the Ghost Installer wizard." together with a progress bar.
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