In the break-in to full Beloit Mental Hospital to free Connors, one of the enemies present tells Spider-Man, while aiming a laser-sight sniper rifle, that he's too colorful to be a Gargoyle.
Police are Useless : You have to pretty much full do their job throughout the game: You have to save them from unarmed thugs.
Hopeless Boss Fight : The first one-on-one battle with Smythe plays out this way, with the player inevitably being defeated within mere seconds.
full game It is even lampshaded in his profile as the scientist thought it was amusing to name him something so cute despite being one of the most vicious fish in the world.However once you reach 500 comics they start to appear on your minimap once you are close to them, and amazing can later spider get a tech upgrade to find the patients through the normal map.Wrestler in All of Us : Some spider of Spider-Man's finishing game moves would look more at home in the WWE.Video Game Caring Potential : If you press the attack button around civilians, Spider-Man will just greet them.Played straight on missions that take place indoors, there aren't any markers for the various collectibles.I Want Them Alive : Norman Osborn orders the guards to bring Connors and Spider-Man in alive.Anti-Frustration Features : Web Rush allows you to slow down time and then just choose your next destination, and Spider-Man will rush there without much player input.Fluffy the Terrible : Iguana's name, as bestowed by Dr Connors when it was still a normal iguana, is Iggy.Ironic Echo : Throughout the game, the numerous Spider-Slayers and other robots used by Smythe use the phrase "Cross-species detected" whenever they come in contact with Spider-Man. If demo they are too high in the effects crack air they will not show up until you demo climb to the tallest building.
He fires back with his own" of "Move along!".Trivia In a special crack DLC for the game, you can play as Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee.This is somewhat amusing due to the game having being released a full week before the movie was.Should you find thugs cornering a female civilian, among their taunts are they ask for a kiss from the "nurse and that they "play doctor".And Your Reward Is Clothes : True to form of Bennox's Spider-Man games.Whitney tries the old " I'm not the droid you're looking for " routine when an Oscorp guard discovers her.While fighting S-Bots, Spidey mentions hoping they don't have web-proof coating, a common feature of many Spider-Slayers from the comics.Most of the game plays out with Peter effects and Smythe trying to outmaneuver each other, rather than either one being the sole one acting or reacting.If you take your time getting the signal jammers down, Spider-Man will constantly complain about full how his phone is not working.Scenic Tour Level : The game's opening, doubling as a Shout-Out to Deus Ex: Human Revolution thanks to very similar art styles and presentation.Enemy Chatter : Many of Oscorp guards throughout the indoor levels have idle conversations, discussing things such as their rate of pay, how bored they are, how much they want to beat up Spider-Man, and even whether or not Smythe is dating all of the.Bull Fight Boss : Both of the boss fights with the Rhino play out like this.Then he commits suicide in the ending.DLC : Stan Lee Adventure pack (Playable Stan Lee side-mission) Rhino Challenge (Playable Rhino side-mission) Oscorp Search and Destroy pack (Extra cheat games for Spider-Man's in-game cell phone) Lizard Rampage (Like the Rhino pack, only with more Lizard) Classic Movie suit (with all three above packs.