This type of CD is ubuntu what most people ubuntu desktop will want to use.
Other boring additions include:-, appArmor for Firefox, guest sessions, libvirt virtual machines and Evince.
New User Slideshow, during the installation desktop of Ubuntu, your eye will be caught by a shiny new slideshow highlighting applications and features ubuntu in Ubuntu.
There is one desktop image available: PC karmic (Intel x86) UNR live.This is a total rewrite of grub bringing with it better performance, features and even a auto-cleaner for dead entries.Double-click the Install Ubuntu.10 icon on the desktop to start the installation to the hard drive: The installer starts.If you need help burning these images to disk, see the.64-bit PC (AMD64) alternate install. Artwork: New Bootscreen, Themes, Wallpapers and kingdom Icons Heaps ultimate More.
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Click on Restart Now: Remove the Ubuntu CD and press enter to boot into your new Ubuntu system: Your new Ubuntu system starts.
In the hands of internet the extra vigilant its a great tool, but Ubuntu Tweak provides a far superior cleaner that doesnt trash your system.If it detects an error with an installed HDD wanderer it will kingdom launch a pop up and let you know how to correct.The same rush goes for music players like Amarok, Banshee, Rhythmbox, xmms or browsers (Firefox, Opera).Computer Janitor will happily declare war any manually installed application (those from.debs) seeing them as unused or un-needed.Ppa ppa Just The Beginning Of course this over-view is merely scratching the surface of all of the improvements, refinements and changes present in Ubuntu.10; kingdom a hell of a lot of work has gone on under the hood, too.

This is somewhat true of the latest Gnome version (bar the vastly improved Bluetooth module and the slightly controversial removal of icons on window buttons and certain menus.
For almost ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala desktop all PCs.
It simply means you can add a PPA and no longer worry about fetching a key as this is done automatically.