If you are running the vsphere free version of ESXi (aka ESXi Hypervisor) then you'll want to hypervisor be aware of a critical issue that surfaces after serial upgrading.0 Update. .
VMware View only delivers virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) running on VMware vSphere (ESX while Citrix and Quest support just about everything out there.
This is not to say that VMware View is not a good desktop product, but rather serial that using View forces you to make your server and desktop decisions together.But that's probably not a good way to think about.But hypervisor lock-in vsphere represents vmware a bigger problem with VMware's desktop strategy.SEE also, read why hypervisor lock-in may be an advantage for VMware.About THE author, brian Madden is an independent industry analyst and blogger, known throughout the world as an opinionated, supertechnical serial desktop virtualization expert.Is this lack of product diversity a good or bad thing for the vendor and enterprises? Only resort to business editing the g files for noncritical hosts such as those used in home labs and other test and development environments as any mistakes will very likely render your host unable to boot.
To roll-back to the pre-upgrade image: dcui, using the dcui is the supported and recommended way to rollback your ESXi emulatore image. .Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to take a backup of your host (vicfg-cfgbackup) before attempting to revert your image profile. .VMware also claims that if customers demanded support pearson of other hypervisors, then it would.If you're ESXi hosts are licensed this issue does not affect you.4, posted by admin.In the physical world, would you want to be forced to use Dell servers if you wanted to use Dell laptops?Of the three, only VMware doesn't provide customers with emulatore a choice of infrastructure.He has written several books and more than 1,000 articles about desktop and application virtualization.Would you want to be limited to only buying Ford cars for your employees just because you also use Ford delivery trucks?Remember that server virtualization and desktop virtualization are different, and using vSphere to virtualize your servers does not automatically mean that you should use View to virtualize your desktops.Network I/O Control (nioc v3 open vSwitch (OVS) support, business proxy switch autoscale capability.From the ESXi host console firewall reboot the host, at the very beginning of the boot, when you see the boot windows options prompt ( enter: Boot press shiftr to enter recovery mode, and when prompted answer "y" to confirm that you want to revert back.Stay informed about the latest enterprise technology news and product updates.

Brian Madden, published:, vMware only supports the ESX hypervisor.
Please note that this issue only affects the free, eSXi version and it was vmware vsphere hypervisor 5.5 serial not intentional. .