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GeneralTelcontar, on 11:46 AM, said:.7 is a small mods patch and mods doesn't add many technical updates, only tanks and a map so I think most mods which work.6 should work.7 as well, I'm gonna copy.6 mods and come back.
The site which link I provided is in mods english, at least for.
You're oh, so terribly wrong, wg f*cked everything up again.Lemmingdance, on 11:45 AM, said: Really great stuff over there, mods but tbh I seek mods in English language, got any usefull places for that?If mods you know some that mods do and aren't mods on the list, post a link here.How to make your life easier: Step 1:remove everything in our res -mods folder, create blank.7 folder with text.' ' mods theModder commented over 9 years ago: Very nice!" Our free antivirus software just got even better. " Chapter 2 "Good evening, Your Majesty.
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