6 work What should I include?
Hello, Im enquiring about the possibility of organising a work year experience /p p placement from 25th June.
Download, report, facebook, embed experience Size (px) 344 x 292429 x 357514 x 422599 x 487.Remember to keep an open mind when seeking placements.Interests Give brief details of any work interests or hobbies, especially those that demonstrate your dedication and year ability to work well as part of a team.Ask for work help making a list work of related jobs.This pack will give you an example of the traditional style. Hardworking Good communicator Ambitious Confident Creative Enthusiastic Punctual experience Organised 2) Once you have identified your personal skills and qualities write these up into a few sentences about yourself focusing on the qualities that will be work needed for the position your applying for.
p p Do you already know anywhere you may like to work?
p p Also try where you can research: /p p Job sectors amp; job roles /p p Up-to-date industry insights /p p Job options for the subjects you are studying /p p Typical employers /p p Tips /p p Make a list of work 10 places.
p p Deadline for finding a placement- March.Remember that skills and experiences are transferable between jobs.These can /p p be found on the student shared year Work Experience folder, Parent Zone and in Reprographics.p p On student shared area CV templates/email amp; letter templates/tips sheet.There are a number of employers who will be willing to offer you the opportunity to carry out a work experience placement within their organisation.How can I find a placement?p p April/May- All students may need to arrange an interview with their work experience employer.p p Call/visit and ASK!9 Skills and Achievements Give brief details of your key skills and achievements.p p See the Work Experience Coordinator during form time in E309.Include those which may help you on your Work Experience, such as your pathway subject, experience English, a foreign language etc.) (You could also mention any extracurricular activities that that you do in your spare time which may help you on your work experience.) I feel.Be professional Make sure your address and voic message are appropriate.Employment and Work Experience Give the names and addresses of the companies, the dates you worked for them and your job title.During the Summer Term every Year 10 student is offered the opportunity to spend one week in a work placement of their choice.Don t forget to check your contact details are up to date.