DisplayLink USB graphics technology, support resolutions up to 1920x1200 (16:10 1080p (16:9 1600x1200 (4:3).
The zotac USB.0 to hdmi adaptor is powered by DisplayLink USB graphics technology for the hdmi best user experience.So with this in mind the full results can be adaptor compared with other devices such.The 4GB of memory is sufficient to run Windows or Linux OS and having a bios that review supports zotac Linux means that you are not restricted in what OS you can install.Zotac could have removed the setting from the bios, but kudos to them in leaving it and letting the user use the device review and be responsible for how it is used.For further information please visit.Power consumption for the device was measured as: Power off.0 Watts Standby.8 Watts Boot menu.0 Watts Idle.8 zotac Watts (Ubuntu) and.3 Watts (Windows) CPU stressed.1 Watts (Ubuntu) 4K video.6 hdmi Watts (Ubuntu) and.4 Watts (Windows) Finally the bios."Thanks to the lightning-fast speed of USB.0, movies and images are displayed smoothly with crisp details.".However, Ive not found that to be the case once the limitations are known.Whilst Intel replaced the stick form-factor with a similar card form-factor for their next generation mini PCs they also required a dock in order to use them.The good news is that 4K videos play as good as any similar device without Turbo Mode. Click to Enlarge, next I installed Ubuntu to the eMMC as dual-boot.
Click to Enlarge the benchmarks were repeated: Click to Enlarge.
Zotac has created a zotac simple to use solution that customers have always demanded.The following screenshot was taken shortly before this occurred during testing and shows that the CPU speed had already been throttled although the core CPU temperatures are hdmi still rising: Click to Enlarge So the findings are that with both Windows and Ubuntu it is impossible.As shown the setting is not required for watching 4K videos, and this makes the device perfect for digital signage.Overall it is a very commendable effort given the new form-factor and challenges it presents.Zotac International, a leading innovator and a channel manufacturer, today announces the USB.0 to hdmi adaptor - the latest addition to its accessory lineup.However.0 GHz throughput is consistent with download measuring 152 Mbits/sec and upload of 142 Mbits/sec.On Ubuntu hardware is used to decode all three codecs: Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge however some.265 videos resulted in a blank (black) hdmi screen just with audio whereas others played without issue: Click to Enlarge During testing without Turbo Mode.What makes the, zotac zbox PI225 so interesting is that this is the first true card form-factor mini.